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Delivering Fortune & Inc 500 Insight To The Small to Mid-Sized Business is the online brand for Kairos Solutions Group, LLC, a firm started by Shon Newsome, a sales and marketing professional with more than 30 years of experience with companies recognized as the leaders in their industry.


 The goal of the company is to deliver world-class information and insight in the areas of sales, lead generation, customer maintenance, technology and creative finance for the small to mid-sized business.

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Launching A Business . . . Sourcing Product. . . Getting and Keeping Customers . . . Branding . . .Copywriting . . . And Much More

Online Training

On-demand modules are taught with a real world hands-on approach. Learners are able to master skills while developing a revenue generating finished product.

Live Webinars & Events

A roster of practical topics is posted weekly that focus on skills that help with growth both inside and out

Peer Mentoring & Expert Coaching

Students have access to an international community of peer mentors as well as expert coaches who can provide support and guidance.

Carve A Path To Your Desired Future

Increase Your Value by Learning Skills in High Demand

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  • How to Get and Keep Customers
  • Becoming An Import Expert
  • Marketing Mastery
  • Building A Brand
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